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General Information about Wallpapers

Today, the wall papers vary in color and pattern. Wall paper can be used for decorative purposes. Wall paper prices are priced according to the properties of materials used in production. Wall paper is priced lower in paper textured wallpapers, moderately in velvet textured wallpapers, higher in Vinly textured wallpapers. priced in seviler.

You are investing in decoration in your living places. This investment comes from your desire to live in comfortable places in your home or office. This is an important issue and must come out of the hands of the master. You can create different places by using wallpaper in the decoration.

You can make your own design wallpapers to create current spaces.

The colors, patterns and textures that we cannot meet in the paint palettes are changing the living spaces by creating walls such as wall papers and wall coverings.

1- Wallpaper is healthy, material is natural by nature, does not contain harmful substances. It has recycling feature.

2- Due to its structure, it contributes to sound and heat insulation.

3- To reveal the superior features of the strong points of the spaces.

4- It illuminates its place, color, vitality and light.

5- It adds value to the value of the places where it is furnished.

6-Rich color, pattern and texture options to reflect your personality to the places you live, creates a difference.

7- Easy to apply, changeable.

8- The use / benefit period is long, economical.

9- Hygienic, does not contain dirt and stains, does not create mold.

10- Easy to clean, whitening agents - can be wiped with liquid soaps that do not contain heavy chemicals, with the help of sponge and cloth, color does not fade - does not wear out.