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Technical Information

"Wallpaper is the application of interior decoration made application to the walls of the application with special glue."


Due to its structure, it adds different appearance and movement with its special structure, texture and relief.

A world-class roll wallpaper is generally produced in dimensions of 53 x 1000 cm (+ 3%). It can also be produced in different sizes for use purposes and for private collections.
The world-renowned specifications and standards are defined by special symbols on product labels and product boxes. When selecting the right product according to the location of the surface to be applied, the location of the product must be observed.


There are many types of wallpapers used due to the different production technologies and material structure, the leading ones.


After the printing of color and pattern on the first dough paper, it is produced with a general and light embossing printing method. Resistance to external factors is low compared to other wallpaper types.


The first paste, which is printed with color and pattern, is produced by duplexing the top paper layer with special paper with special paper and embossing effect / embossing with special cylinders according to the pattern structure. The embossing is done by embossing the figures (register emboss) in the printed pattern, as generally given to the whole surface.
The wallpapers produced in this way should have a pattern overlap with the embossing, the embossing paper should not be worn, the embossing depth should be the same.
Duplex emboss wallpapers should be smooth and strong, paper should not be opened when the top and bottom paper layers.


It is the most widely used wallpaper in the world. It is a special paper produced by pvc laminating on paper liner. After the color and pattern is printed on the surface covered with PVC, it is applied hot on the special machine - hot emboss technique and special cylinders are given with pattern effects and relief texture. It has a number of advantages based on classic wallpapers. Resistance to sunlight - high flammability. With its PVC-based structure, it can be stain and dirt free, can be wiped wet or even brush cleaned. There are many types with structural differences. Can be used in wet volumes (bathroom - kitchen).


Vinyl based wallpapers have a wide variety of materials with different material structures. After application to the wall, it can be painted if desired. It can be painted many times due to its pattern and embossing structure.


The walls to be applied should be smooth, cement or gypsum plaster should be supported with satin plaster and the wall should be smoothed with sandpaper. Wall corner connections must be level and smooth.

The cuts of the paper should be cut 10 cm more than the size of the application. The second and the following lengths are cut by giving redundancy according to the pattern combinations. After the first two length application, the suitability of the patterns is observed. To prevent the reverse application, it is useful to mark the top of the paper.

You can use the adhesives that are used in wallpaper application on the market, and you can use these adhesives according to the instructions on them. The prepasted wallpapers have been put on the back of their adhesives in the fabrication production. No adhesive is required for these products.