Let your walls come to life with modern touches


Wallpaper World lives within the C-Y Group .

Our companies show activities in the area of ​​infrastructure, superstructure, public services, contracting, purchase and sale of construction materials, wallpaper application and sale .

In order to contribute to the construction of our construction sector in 1995 by developing the middle and large-scale projects in the construction sector, introducing new construction technologies to our country and following the latest innovations in technology Founded in Ankara , CY Group has gained a respectable place in the construction world by showing a steady growth with its b & w professionalism, creativity, honesty and market development features since its inception.

The company management, which closely follows the developments in the sector and new demands in the market, continues to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its strong administrative and financial accumulation. Large engineering projects continued to implement our company since it founded Turkey 's in every region; pioneer and exemplary, quality, innovative projects have signed many.

The C-Y Group, which completed its commitments over time and above expected quality levels, had a significant reputation in the sector, and its experience and professionalism and its strategy and organizational success have been effective on the management staff.

The C-Y Group family adopts modern management techniques in all commitment and investment projects and adopts itself as a basic policy of completing projects on time, preferring proven material and workmanship in the market.


Let your walls
find life with
modern touches.

The point where elegance, freshness, quality meet. We are here to bring your modernity
to perfection. We're here to make you feel comfortable. Hundreds of different kinds of wallpaper offer to your liking. Imported and domestic; erasable, washable, paintable wall paper sales and applications are doing.